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Just Published!

Eight Principles for Happiness — Serge Augier

Available to buy now is Daoist lineage holder Serge Augier’s latest book, Eight Principles for Happiness!

Drawing from the oldest scripture in the Da Xuan Daoist tradition, the author reveals a simple and profound way to uncover authentic happiness. Taking the reader deep into the eight rules and sixty four methods followed by generations of spiritual practitioners, a clear and challenging path is revealed which gradually transforms body, energy and mind.

These exercises teach us how to confront the problems of life with inner strength and a wise method, how to make use of our entire human potential, and how to deal with relationships in such a way that we can slowly enlighten ourselves, those around us and eventually the whole world.

This latest book is the fourth in the ongoing series, the Written Transmissions of Da Xuan Daoism.

Book 1 — Urban Violence (Mian Xiang for Self Defence)
Book 2 — Dao De Jing For Actual Transformation
Book 3 — Daoist Boxing
Book 4 — Eight Principles for Happiness

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