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Film and Book News

Unifying Buddhist Cultivation, Traditional Medicine and Internal Arts

Unifying Buddhist Cultivation, Traditional Medicine and Internal Arts by Alex Kozma

Alex Kozma begins the first of a teaching series on how to generate Wisdom, Longevity and Martial Power through infusing the principles of Esoteric Buddhism and traditional healing into the internal martial arts of Taijiquan, Baguaquan and Xingyiquan. Video 1 presents the first exercise of the I Jing Jing Tendon Transforming Classic, theory of longevity practice, and how the Esoteric Buddhist methods of Mantra, Mudra, Mandala and Breathwork are applied to internal martial arts such as Taijiquan to make them vibrant methods of cultivation.


Revealing the Secrets of Daoist Inner Alchemy and Taijiquan – Lineage Teachings of Liu Hung Chieh and Bai Hua

Revealing the secrets of Daoist Inner Alchemy and Tai Chi Chuan

Written by Mo Ming, discipled within the Hong Kong lineage of the famous Taoist adepts and internal martial arts experts Liu Hung Chieh and Bai Hua.

This new eBook presents a practical and profound guide to the precise mechanical, philosophical and strategic details of Taoist Internal Alchemy and Taijiquan. Mo Ming demystifies much previously misunderstood information of Daoist cultivation and the Taijiquan classics, including detailed explanations of the five bows, breathing methods, using time and space to prosper, fighting strategy of Taijiquan, the relationship of Heaven, Earth and Man, five element theory, ways of longevity, his studies with Bai Hua, and much more.


Urban Violence – Mian Xiang Face Reading for Self Defence – EPUB

Mian Xiang Face Reading Digital EPUB

Due to popular demand, Serge Augier’s Urban Violence – Mian Xiang Face Reading for Self Defence has now been released in digital EPUB format!

The most effective way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from violence is to avoid it. Over the course of one and a half thousand years the Da Xuan Daoist tradition has developed a highly sophisticated method of reading people, body language and violent situations, to know what is safe and what is dangerous, when to fight back and when to escape.


Nei Gong for Martial Power

Nei Gong for Martial Power - Cultivation and Fighting Strategy of Song Family Xingyiquan

The Xing Yi Quan of the Song family is relatively unknown and unpracticed outside of China. In his latest PDF E-book, Alex Kozma delves into this extraordinary art, revealing details of its cultivation and nei gong practices. The Song brothers, Song Shi Rong and Song Shi De, created the Song family branch of Xing Yi Quan, rooted in the study of the Nei Gong Si Jing – the Four Classics of Internal Cultivation. Quoting from a new translation of the Nei Gong Si Jing, Alex Kozma explains how Song Family Xing Yi Quan develops its characteristic extremely explosive yet soft, penetrating power, and explores its spiritual cultivation aspects.


Martial Cultivation Journal – Vol. 1 No. 6

Martial Cultivation Journal Volume 1 Number 6

The latest issue of the Martial Cultivation Journal is here!

In Volume 1-6:-

James Carss and Alex Kozma interview Sifu Chan Tak Chuen of Han Yi Quan — Alex Kozma presents the life and stories of Du Xin Wu, Master of Ziranmen — Mo Ming continues with part five of a series of articles presenting the Taoist teachings of Liu Hong Chieh and Bai Hua — Serge Augier continues his regular column, in this issue describing human evolution as the quest for perfection — and Alex Kozma presents a study of the Nei Gong Si Jing, the Four Classics of Internal Power.

Previous issues include:-

Volume 1-4     Interview with Yi Quan and Liuhebafa Master Hui Kit Wah — Teachings of Liu Hong Chieh and Bai Hua Part Three — Nei Gong for Pi Chuan with Alex Kozma — Cultivation with Serge Augier

Volume 1-5     In-depth article on Grandmaster Sam Chin of I Liq Chuan and Zhong Xin Dao — Teachings of Liu Hong Chieh and Bai Hua Part Four — “The First Cause” by Serge Augier — “The Sword Polisher and Other Teachers” by Alex Kozma

More volumes are available on the Martial Cultivation Journal page.


Seasonal Nei Gong — Serge Augier

Seasonal Nei Gong

Covering an important yet often neglected aspect of training, Serge Augier’s latest book Seasonal Nei Gong goes in-depth on practical methods for training with the seasons. This comprehensive paperback book shares concepts and exercises for living in harmony with the 24 periods of the ancient Chinese year. Anyone seeking to understand the forces of nature and time within their own body and mind will find this a valuable guide.


Yi Quan, Fighting Art of the Han Brothers — James Carss

Yi Quan

The latest book by James Carss, Yi Quan – Fighting Art of the Han Brothers is now available. This highly detailed and concentrated book presents the fruits of over a decade of daily training in Hong Kong, under the tutelage of two masters of Yi Quan. This book will be the first in a series published by Line of Intent Media.


Martial Cultivation Journal

Martial Cultivation Journal

Line of Intent’s new regular publication, the Martial Cultivation Journal, brings you articles from some of the leading experts in the field of classical martial arts, inner cultivation practices including those from various lineages of Buddhism and Daoism, traditional healing arts and other connected topics.

Volume 1-1     Master Li Baohua interview — Sun Lu Tang and Song family XingYiQuan — Wind Path Nei Dan of Ge Hong with Serge Augier — 24 Nei Gong Exercises Part One with Alex Kozma

Volume 1-2     Daoist Teachings of Liu Hong Chieh and Bai Hua with Mo Ming — 24 Nei Gong Exercises Part Two — Death and Dying Practices with Alex Kozma — Training Internal Martial Arts with Serge Augier — and more!

Volume 1-3     Internal Fighting Arts in Malaysia and China: interview with Paul Rogers — Alex Kozma on Guo Yunshen, Cheng Tinghua and Wang Xiangzhai — Teachings of Liu Hong Chieh and Bai Hua Part Two — Evolution of XingYiQuan with Serge Augier — Origins of Chinese Civilisation by Monk Chuan-Xi

More volumes are available on the Martial Cultivation Journal page.


Film and Book Sale!

Warrior Guards the Mountain Documentary Films

Based on the critically acclaimed book Warrior Guards the Mountain, this documentary film series presents the adepts of the book and brings us into a world of healing, spiritual and martial traditions of masters from Asia and the West.

Sale! — For a limited time only, these films are half price!

Four Masters Four Traditions

Four Masters, Four Traditions £20 £10

In the first film of the series, author and film-maker Alex Kozma brings us into the world of four outstanding experts of totally different traditions: The Urban Daoist of Paris, Serge Augier, master of the 1500 year old Daxuan lineage of Daoism; Shihan Eiichi Tanaka of Osaka, Japan, an exceptionally gifted master of traditional Japanese medicine and Daiwa-Ryu martial arts; Drida, living an hermetic existence in the hills and caves of Wales, an adept of meditative cultivation, western herbal medicine and a crafstman of bows and blades using the methods of the ancient Asian weapon-smiths; and Pendeker Steven Benitez, a renowned expert of the Indonesian fighting art of Pencak Silat.


Serge Augier

Serge Augier and the Da Xuan Tradition Part One £20 £10

In the second and third films of the series, we meet with Serge Augier, holder of the 1500 year old Daoist lineage of Ba Men Da Xuan. This film introduces the viewer to the Daoist arts of Feng Shui (geomancy), Daoist medicine, the history and fighting skills of Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Ziranmen natural boxing and the thoughts on life and death from a modern day Daoist adept.


Serge Augier

Serge Augier and the Da Xuan Tradition Part Two £20 £10

This third film continues with an even more in-depth look at the ancient Daoist tradition of Ba Men Da Xuan with Serge Augier.


Pendekar Steven Benitez

Steven Benitez of Satria Arts and Pentjak Silat £20 £10

In the fourth film of the series, we meet Steven Benitez, co-founder of the Satria Fighting Arts. We journey through his life and discover how martial arts became a way of life after a mystical encounter with a modern day female warrior, Sat Guru Ma Prem (aka ‘Guru Ma’).

This film features his former Kuntao teacher, Sifu Gerry Tann, and a special interview with successor of De Sphinx Esoteric University, Djc Chris Schardijn, eldest son of Guru Ma.


Shihan Eiichi Tanaka

Shihan Eiichi Tanaka of Daiwa-Ryu Jujutsu £20 £10

This fifth film explores the essence of the life and teaching of Shihan Eiichi Tanaka, a master of traditional Japanese acupuncture and Daiwa-Ryu Jujutsu. Full of important teachings from the heart of this great teacher, covering meditation and internal energy, use of the Hara and the true meaning of relaxation, to the practice of healing, along with many Ju Jutsu skills demonstrated with his students in the dojo.



Featured Books

Dreams and Shadows: Tales from Planet Xi Teahouse — Chen Xi

Dreams and Shadows - Tales from Planet Xi

Chen Xi is a writer, poet and artist, born in Beijing and now based in Cambridge, UK. Her work, heavily influenced by Chinese mythology and dream imagery, has been exhibited in many venues.

Her latest book is a collection of 12 illustrated stories around the themes of dreaming, death, rebirth, love and friendship. At turns humorously magical, melancholy and insightful, this is a wonderful book by a brilliant rising artist from Beijing – a perfect gift!

Sale! — for a limited time only, Dreams and Shadows is £16 £10!



The Hakka Fighting Art of Chu Ka Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu — Choe Wei Siong

The Hakka Fighting Art of Chu Ka Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu

Choe Wei Siong is the lineage holder of the Chu Ka traditional Kung Fu system, and an expert in the combative and healing aspects of this ancient martial art of the Hakka people. This book, co-authored with Alex Kozma, presents many aspects of this fascinating and ancient martial art in detail, including:-

History; Foundational Training; Hand Formation and Techniques; Kicking; Solo and Two-Person Drills; Energies and Structure; Power and Speed Development; Applications; and more! All illustrated with detailed photographs and explanations.

Sale! — for a limited time only, Chu Ka Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu is £14 £10!

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