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New — Yi Quan, Fighting Art of the Han Brothers — James Carss

Yi Quan

The latest book by James Carss, Yi Quan – Fighting Art of the Han Brothers is now available. This highly detailed and concentrated book presents the fruits of over a decade of daily training in Hong Kong, under the tutelage of two masters of Yi Quan. This book will be the first in a series published by Line of Intent Media.


Martial Cultivation Journal

Martial Cultivation Journal

Line of Intent’s new regular publication, the Martial Cultivation Journal, brings you articles from some of the leading experts in the field of classical martial arts, inner cultivation practices including those from various lineages of Buddhism and Daoism, traditional healing arts and other connected topics.

Volume 1-1

Volume 1-2

Volume 1-3


Eight Principles for Happiness — Serge Augier

Eight Principles for Happiness

Available to buy now is Daoist lineage holder Serge Augier’s latest book, Eight Principles for Happiness!

Drawing from the oldest scripture in the Da Xuan Daoist tradition, the author reveals a simple and profound way to uncover authentic happiness. Taking the reader deep into the eight rules and sixty four methods followed by generations of spiritual practitioners, a clear and challenging path is revealed which gradually transforms body, energy and mind.

These exercises teach us how to confront the problems of life with inner strength and a wise method, how to make use of our entire human potential, and how to deal with relationships in such a way that we can slowly enlighten ourselves, those around us and eventually the whole world.

This latest book is the fourth in the ongoing series, the Written Transmissions of Da Xuan Daoism. 2020 New Year Sale! — for a limited time only, all books in this series are £14!

Book 1 — Urban Violence (Mian Xiang for Self Defence) £26 £14
Book 2 — Dao De Jing For Actual Transformation £26 £14
Book 3 — Daoist Boxing £26 £14
Book 4 — Eight Principles for Happiness £26 £14


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Zen Mind, Martial Power — Alex Kozma

Zen Mind, Martial Power

From the author of Beyond the Mysterious Gate and Warrior Guards the Mountain comes Zen Mind, Martial Power.

In this audio series the author takes you on a unique journey with great teachers including Chen Yuen San, Serge Augier, Sam Chin, Paul Rogers, He Jing Han, Paul Whitrod, Shun Yuen, Gordon Tso, Steven Benitez, and Eiichi Tanaka, sharing exercises, previously secret transmissions and a wealth of stories.

Includes translations and practical insights into the Nei Gong Si Jing (Four Classics of Inner Power Training) and other ancient training manuals. This is a series to help guide and inspire martial artists from all systems to higher levels of practice and deeper understanding of the basics. Learn precisely how and why the masters integrate meditative cultivation of Zen mind with traditional medical theory to produce awesome martial power and brilliant skill with weapons and empty hands.


Warrior Guards the Mountain Documentary Films

Based on the critically acclaimed book Warrior Guards the Mountain, this documentary film series presents the adepts of the book and brings us into a world of healing, spiritual and martial traditions of masters from Asia and the West.

2020 New Year Sale! — For a limited time only, these films are half price!

Four Masters Four Traditions

Four Masters, Four Traditions £20 £10

In the first film of the series, author and film-maker Alex Kozma brings us into the world of four outstanding experts of totally different traditions: The Urban Daoist of Paris, Serge Augier, master of the 1500 year old Daxuan lineage of Daoism; Shihan Eiichi Tanaka of Osaka, Japan, an exceptionally gifted master of traditional Japanese medicine and Daiwa-Ryu martial arts; Drida, living an hermetic existence in the hills and caves of Wales, an adept of meditative cultivation, western herbal medicine and a crafstman of bows and blades using the methods of the ancient Asian weapon-smiths; and Pendeker Steven Benitez, a renowned expert of the Indonesian fighting art of Pencak Silat.


Serge Augier

Serge Augier and the Da Xuan Tradition Part One £20 £10

In the second and third films of the series, we meet with Serge Augier, holder of the 1500 year old Daoist lineage of Ba Men Da Xuan. This film introduces the viewer to the Daoist arts of Feng Shui (geomancy), Daoist medicine, the history and fighting skills of Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Ziranmen natural boxing and the thoughts on life and death from a modern day Daoist adept.


Serge Augier

Serge Augier and the Da Xuan Tradition Part Two £20 £10

This third film continues with an even more in-depth look at the ancient Daoist tradition of Ba Men Da Xuan with Serge Augier.


Pendekar Steven Benitez

Steven Benitez of Satria Arts and Pentjak Silat £20 £10

In the fourth film of the series, we meet Steven Benitez, co-founder of the Satria Fighting Arts. We journey through his life and discover how martial arts became a way of life after a mystical encounter with a modern day female warrior, Sat Guru Ma Prem (aka ‘Guru Ma’).

This film features his former Kuntao teacher, Sifu Gerry Tann, and a special interview with successor of De Sphinx Esoteric University, Djc Chris Schardijn, eldest son of Guru Ma.


Shihan Eiichi Tanaka

Shihan Eiichi Tanaka of Daiwa-Ryu Jujutsu £20 £10

This fifth film explores the essence of the life and teaching of Shihan Eiichi Tanaka, a master of traditional Japanese acupuncture and Daiwa-Ryu Jujutsu. Full of important teachings from the heart of this great teacher, covering meditation and internal energy, use of the Hara and the true meaning of relaxation, to the practice of healing, along with many Ju Jutsu skills demonstrated with his students in the dojo.



Featured Books

Dreams and Shadows: Tales from Planet Xi Teahouse — Chen Xi

Dreams and Shadows - Tales from Planet Xi

Chen Xi is a writer, poet and artist, born in Beijing and now based in Cambridge, UK. Her work, heavily influenced by Chinese mythology and dream imagery, has been exhibited in many venues.

Her latest book is a collection of 12 illustrated stories around the themes of dreaming, death, rebirth, love and friendship. At turns humorously magical, melancholy and insightful, this is a wonderful book by a brilliant rising artist from Beijing – a perfect gift!

2020 New Year Sale! — for a limited time only, Dreams and Shadows is £16 £10!



The Hakka Fighting Art of Chu Ka Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu — Choe Wei Siong

The Hakka Fighting Art of Chu Ka Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu

Choe Wei Siong is the lineage holder of the Chu Ka traditional Kung Fu system, and an expert in the combative and healing aspects of this ancient martial art of the Hakka people. This book, co-authored with Alex Kozma, presents many aspects of this fascinating and ancient martial art in detail, including:-

History; Foundational Training; Hand Formation and Techniques; Kicking; Solo and Two-Person Drills; Energies and Structure; Power and Speed Development; Applications; and more! All illustrated with detailed photographs and explanations.

2020 New Year Sale! — for a limited time only, Chu Ka Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu is £14 £10!

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