Alex Kozma

Alex Kozma is the founder of Line of Intent Media. His books and films have been enjoyed by countless people around the world for the last twenty years. He lives in Cambridge, UK where he devotes himself to practice, teaching and writing.

Alex is the author of several sought-after titles including Esoteric Warriors, Beyond the Mysterious Gate and Warrior Guards the Mountain. His most recent book series, Zen Mind, Martial Power, contains the distillation of his over thirty years of experience in practicing the internal arts.

Available to purchase on this site are Alex’s detailed instructional videos on the internal martial arts, covering important fundamental and foundational training:-

Chinese Internal Fighting Arts Foundation Course Stage 1
Chinese Internal Fighting Arts Foundation Course Stage 2
Fundamental Skills of Taijiquan
Xingyiquan Foundation Course Stage 1

In this video, Alex introduces the Xingyiquan Foundation Course:


Alex also hosts the Flying Monk Talk Show, interviewing many leading figures in the traditional arts.

More information on Alex can be found at