Serge Augier is a best-selling author in the French language, and the lineage holder of the Ba Men Da Xuan Daoist tradition who teaches a worldwide body of teachers and students.

Written Transmissions of Da Xuan Daoism

Line of Intent Books is proud to present the Written Transmissions of Da Xuan Daoism, an extensive series by Serge Augier. In this series Serge reveals the theories and practices of this 1500 year old Daoist tradition. Published titles available to purchase on this site include:-

Book 1 — Urban Violence (Mian Xiang for Self Defence)
Book 2 — Dao De Jing For Actual Transformation
Book 3 — Daoist Boxing
Book 4 — Eight Principles for Happiness
Book 5 — Seasonal Nei Gong

Documentary Films

The Da Xuan Daoist tradition is presented in depth in the Warrior Guards the Mountain Film Series. The Daoist arts of Feng Shui (geomancy), Daoist medicine, and the history and fighting skills of the internal martial arts Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and Ziranmen are all explored, plus more!

Serge Augier and the Da Xuan Tradition — Part One
Serge Augier and the Da Xuan Tradition — Part Two

In this excerpt from Part One, Serge demonstrates some of the martial art skills for which he is renowned across the world:


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