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Based on the critically acclaimed books by Alex Kozma, Warrior Guards the Mountain and Zen Mind, Martial Power, the Flying Monk Talk Show presents the adepts of the books and brings us into a world of healing, spiritual and martial traditions of masters from Asia and the West.

Flying Monk Talk Show extends this idea with other adepts and masters, and also reviews of books, art, films and discussions about traditional Asian culture.

Highlights from Flying Monk Talk Show

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Eleven Years in Hong Kong — James Carss

Alex Kozma joins James Carss to discuss his many years of training in Hong Kong, the art of Yi Quan, and the books which have had an impact on him. His latest book is available to purchase now from this site: Yi Quan — Fighting Art of the Han Brothers.


Ma Gui Ba Gua — Master Li Bao Hua

Alex Kozma discusses Ma Gui Ba Gua with Master Li Bao Hua.


Secrets of Runes and Yggdrasil — Drdha

Flying Monk joins Drdha for a discussion about Yggdrasil and the Runes. Drdha’s latest video series, containing many teachings on the Northern Tradition, is available to purchase now from this site: The Way of Odin: Wisdom of the Northern Tradition.


Serge Augier — Mian Xiang Face-Reading

Ba Men Da Xuan lineage holder Serge Augier talks about his book Mian Xiang for Self Defence, available to purchase from this site.


Yi Quan — A Fighting Art with James Carss

Han Lineage Yi Quan fighter James Carss discusses his approach to training the art.


Mark Houghton — Hung Gar Master and Hong Kong Stuntman

In-depth video interview and action footage with renowned Hong Kong kung-fu movie actor, stuntman and Hung Gar fighter Mark Houghton.


Chu Ka Phoenix Eye Fist — Sifu Stephen Choe

Flying Monk interviews Sifu Stephen Choe, lineage holder of the Chu Ka traditional Kung Fu system, an ancient martial art of the Hakka people. Stephen Choe is the author of The Hakka Fighting Art of Chu Ka Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu, available to purchase from this site.


Ajahn Bodhipala’s Wisdom

In this special episode Alex talks with Ajahn Bodhipala at the Amaravati Buddhist monastery.


Secret Scrolls of the Samurai and Ninja

Alex Kozma talks with Antony Cummins about the ancient scrolls of Japan’s warrior clans and the controversies surrounding the historic Ninja.


Song Xingyiquan — Gordon Tso

Gordon Tso discusses the art of Song Xingyiquan.


Xingyiquan Fighting Combos — Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers demonstrates Xingyiquan fighting techniques.


No-Nonsense Pentjak Silat — Guru Simon Das

In episode five of the Martial Secrets series, Guru Simon Das demonstrates his Pentjak Silat.


More Interviews from Flying Monk

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