Legacy of the Chinese Fighting Masters – Paul Rogers and the Bagua Boy

Episodes One and Two
These unique documentary films reveal the life story and teaching of Paul Rogers, an English martial arts expert who has spent three decades studying as the closed-door student of the old generation of internal fighting masters in Malaysia and in Tianjin, north China.
The films explain the inner principles, forms, training methods, fighting techniques and history of Wu style Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and Yi Quan, combining personal interviews, technical demonstrations and hands-on applications with the interviewer Alex Kozma.
These first two films also recount the story of Paul’s 12 year old son Coltrane, the Bagua boy, who has trained Baguazhang since the age of 5.
These are the first two in a projected series of films with this highly skilled fighting expert.

There is nothing comparable on the market, these are films for those seeking depth of principle, clarity of form and real useage, and the fascinating historical and cultural context within which these powerful arts have been nurtured.