Based on the critically acclaimed book by Alex Kozma, ‘Warrior Guards the Mountain Film Documentary’, presents the adepts of the book and brings us into a world of healing, spiritual and martial traditions of masters from Asia and the West.

Each master has for the first time allowed his personal practice, teaching and school to be filmed in a unique and groundbreaking project which seeks to combine in-depth research into the various arts with explorations into the cultural and transformative aspects of practice.

In the first film of the series, author and film-maker Alex Kozma brings us into the world of four outstanding experts of totally different traditions: The Urban Daoist of Paris, Serge Augier, master of the 1300 year old Daxuan lineage of Daoism; Shihan Eiichi Tanaka of Osaka, Japan. An exceptionally gifted master of traditional Japanese medicine and Daiwa-Ryu martial arts; Drida, living an hermetic existence in the hills and caves of Wales, an adept of meditative cultivation, western herbal medicine and a crafstman of bows and blades using the methods of the ancient Asian weapon-smiths; and Pendeker Steven Benitez, a renowned expert of the Indonesian fighting art of Pencak Silat.

Warrior Guards The Mountain
Warrior Guards the Mountain – Shihan Tanaka, Daiwa Ryu Jujitsu, Acupuncture and Zen
Warrior Guards The Mountain – Serge Augier
Warrior Guards the Mountain – Legacy of the Satria Warriors