Martial Cultivation Journal

Martial Cultivation Journal  PDF File.
Edited by Alex Kozma,

Welcome everyone to our first editions of Martial Cultivation! In the next few weeks we will upload all the back issues of the journal.

In these and future editions I bring you articles from some of the leading experts in the field of classical martial arts, inner cultivation practices including those from various lineages of Buddhism and Daoism, traditional healing arts and other connected topics. Having been publishing books and films for over twenty years both with my own imprint – Line of Intent Media – and with other publishers, I decided to make a new journal which could gather all of my previous interviews, research and teachings, along with many as yet unseen conversations and teachings with great teachers from many traditions. These will include transliterations from my popular Flying Monk talk show, and other private conversations, as well as illustrated teaching sections. Alex Kozma, Editor.

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