Video Lessons Song Xingyiquan

Learn directly from Alex Kozma, 6th Generation Exponent of Song Family Xingyiquan

(Lessons 40 to 61 also available, contact us for a list of contents and downloads)

A new lesson is released each week.

The teachings on this course are drawn mainly from Alex’s studies of Song Family Xingyiquan with Gordon Tso and Suen Tat Ming , with strong influence from studies in Taiwan and China with other teachers. Each weekly lesson varies in length from 15 to 50 minutes, and most of the footage is filmed live with students in a real lesson format.

Alex’s teaching encompasses Xingyiquan and Nei Gong as a practical art of armed and unarmed protection using ancient strategy, a method of longevity and health exercise, and a gateway to spiritual insight and wisdom.

The lessons strike directly to the core details of these inter-dependent topics, explaining clearly what has long been held as ‘inner door teachings’ in a still conservative family system. Only through these details can the student avoid the superficial and begin to grasp the depths of this profound system of martial cultivation.

Lesson 33

Fighting tactics/testing
– Destabilize opponent’s centre
– Intention , what is it?
– Taking the center from touch
– Develop Santi Shi – neutral posture with 6 direction forces
– Two persons drill and moving from yin to yang; moving from the centre, side side
– Shadow boxing with full intention; stages of shadow boxing

Lesson 34

Moving from Dantien
– Propel from the centre
– Coordination/unification (hands and feet)
– Stepping from back foot
– How to connect hips and waist

Lesson 35

Nei Gong exercises
– “Changing point”: moving the body so that hands and arms will follow,
– Exercising and feeling 6 directions
– Testing Santi Shi’s 6 directions
– elbow power

Lesson 36

Pi Quan
– Training timing and external harmonies before issuing power
– Checklist (from Santi Shi: vertical line)
– Ensuring basic structure is correct

Lesson 37

(Yin) Pi Quan
– Martial applications
– Yin/Yang posture changes
– “Move the Dantien alone”

Lesson 38

– Using legs and hips correctly (Nei Gong exercise)
– Martial application: using rotation (twisting/untwisting motion) of the arm to catch frame
– Moving in 3 directions at the same time
– Application: Pao

Lesson 39

The importance of testing: Zuan Quan
– The three key elements of Zuan:
– Training to acquire short power

Lesson 40

Pi Quan
– Demonstration of basic format to train twisting force
– The importance of meditation before training:
– What is explained as a sequence is instantaneous
– What is explained mechanically (external) is natural, uncontrived (internal)

Lesson 41

Changing Yin/Yang
– Most efficient ways to change (from a unified stance)
– Tactics to be more efficient
– On the uprooting quality of the spiralling force

Lesson 42

On the Internal Quality of Yin/Yan Dantien
– From obvious power to whole body connected power; timing and coordination, contract and expand:
Wave power
– Moving from the hips
– motion of Yang Pi (for both feet and hands)
– Fighting strategies and partner work
“How do I overcome your wall? How do I protect my wall”

Lesson 43
How to release the shoulder and use upper Deng
Training Five Fists through San Shou
How to take the center

Lesson 44

Use the Wall to develop Perfect Structure
How to step with structure
Pathways of Force in Pi Quan
Further details for Pi Quan

Lesson 45

The Path of Training towards real application
Theory of animal shapes, qualities and strategy
Parallel and perpendicular forces

-Lesson 46

partner exercises with the pole for five fists
Clarifying Yin and Yang forces
San Fa Pao partner fighting drill and Sweeping Drill

Lesson 47

Correct Path of Yang Force
Twist and Straight
Touch on Center
Variations of San Fa Pao fighting drill
More on the Sweeping Drill

Lesson 48

Details of Fighting Drills
Bellows, core, frame
Xin and Yi

Lesson 49

Fighting Chess
Meditation and Focus

Lesson 50

Open Close Force
San Shou
Yijingjing (sinew transformation)

Lesson 51

Animal characteristics and Yi
Animal fighting skills
Eagle Seize

Lesson 52

3 Stages of Xingyi Practice
Mind states of internal martial arts
More fighting drills

Lesson 53

Counter to joint locks
Escaping grabs
Shoulder joint force

Lesson 54

Coiling Dragon
Five Fists Arm Breaks
Spear Basics

Lesson 55

When to Fajin
Kua Force
Refine the tools

Lesson 56

Bear Power
Heavy Power
Shoulder and chest

Lesson 57

Tiger shape applications
Tiger hits pad
Spear drills

Lesson 58

Circle within Tiger
Correct Angle of Joints
San Fa Pao Basics
Towards real fighting skill

Lesson 59

Hip position in reverse strike
How to respond to rapid striking

Lesson 60

Spear applied to Barehand
Barehand vs Knife

Lesson 61

Xingyiquan Push Hands

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