A profound and challenging method of martial cultivation founded by Dong Haichuan in northern China in the mid 1800s, Baguaquan uses the Ba Gua or eight trigrams as symbols to unlock eight types of force or pathways in the body, through spiral and circular motion.

These eight forces are trained primarily through the following methods –

Circle Walking Single Change Palm (train the Qi and Li, or energy and force)
Circle Walking Double Change Palm (lead the Qi of eight organs and body parts)
Eight Mother Palms
Pao Chui Form – an old fighting form used to train the Qing era bodyguards
Weapons – sword, sabre, staff, spear, hidden and projectile weapons.
Various forms of fighting skill training.
Training with trees, posts and other natural objects.
Meditation and training of mind, spirit and morality.
Methods of healing


Traditional Song Family Xingyiquan puts great emphasis on internal energy training, internal power issuing, martial morality and meditation, the connection between “inside and outside” and the “spirit and the intention”. Following these methods the Song style practitioner is able to issue a very distinctive kind of force, that is explosive and elastic at the same time.

The methods include both barehand and classical weapons, with the fighting principles being based on the ancient spear methods from which Xingyiquan originated.

Santishr standing and seated meditation
Five Fists
12 Animals
Footwork and groundwork
San Shou fighting skills training
Spear, staff, Sabre, hidden weapons.
Methods of healing